Advance problem in Quiz project

May 25, 2016

Hello fellow E-Learners,

I encounter a small, but irritating problem with the Next button in a Quiz project. The project contains several scenes, consisting of information followed by some quiz questions. Important to know is, that the last slide in every scene is a multiple choice quiz question.

When answering a  quiz question, the only button available is the Submit button. Rightfully so, no worries there. However when I return to a quiz question, the Prev and Next buttons are added and the Submit button is disabled. Again, just like it should.

It goes wrong when I click the Next button of the last quiz slide in a scene. I expect the project to advance to the next scene, but that won’t happen. The only way to move forward, is by using the menu and that can be confusing. In a normal slide I would add a trigger connected to the Next button that jumps to the next scene.

And that is where it becomes tricky. In the settings of a quiz slide the Prev and Next buttons are not selected. If I add them, they would appear directly next to the Submit button, which can disturb the results of a quiz when a user clicks the Next button instead of the Submit button. I have tried to come up with a creative solution, but have not found the “Golden ticket” yet.

The best solution would be to change the settings for the Next button of the last quiz slide. Because the system automatically creates the Prev and Next buttons of a quiz slide when returning, my main question is how to alter the settings?

If it is not possible to change the settings, I hope someone can provide a smooth workaround?

Thanks in advance for any input on this matter.


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Steve Galway

Can I ask why the course is split into scenes? That would help me visualize the layout. Even better if you could share a file. If the navigation is linear between scenes then I would probably just have one long scene.

If you need to split into multiple scenes then I think your best bet is to use custom navigation buttons (next, prev and submit) throughout your course. That way you can swap the system buttons for custom buttons that you have full control over. It will mean compromises would have to made to the look and feel of your design but in many cases custom navigation can look better than the built in Storyline player options. 

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