Advance to next page issues even though triggers are OK. What could be causing it?

Jan 08, 2015

I have a client that is having some issues with advancing and we are not sure what's causing it.  I think it could be internet speed but thought I'd check with others. 

On many slides I have set up a triggers that stop and/or allow advancement to the next page based on whether all actions on the slide are complete.  They are a standard trigger with conditions. 

My client is finding that sometimes if they have gone through the interaction quite quickly, they are not allowed to advance to the next page even though they have clicked all the interactions. When they click previous and redo the slide a bit slower, it works and they can advance without an issue. 

This also happens at random ttimes when they don't complete the interaction quickly.   The only way to advance it to go back then forward and repeat.  

All the triggers and rules etc. are fine.  It just seems to be a random glitch. 

I've not found this an issue in build nor testing.

Any thoughts what could be causing it?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen,

I just saw another thread like this today - and can't find it now of course, but I'd look into where the course is being hosted (web, LMS, etc.) and possibly try another server or a site such as SCORM Cloud (industry standard for testing LMS content).  Also, in addition to internet speed, you'll want to check that they're using one of the supported browsers here. 

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