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I'm fairly new to Storyline (working on my first project) and I have a question about scenes. I have a course with 5 core lessons + an Intro and Conclusion lesson. I have set each lesson up as a scene, which is nicely organized. However, when I get to the last slide in a Lesson, clicking Next does not advance to the first slide in the Next scene. So, I looked at the trigger behaviour and I can certainly change the behaviour to go specifically to the slide I want it to instead of just going to Next slide, but then the scenes all merge together into one long scene in story view. Not ideal and not sure how that will impact my slide numbering. Does anyone have suggestions on how to best handle this?

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Leonard Puglia

Hi Dee

When working with different scenes (and slides for that matter), I find that naming them is a really good habit to get into.

That way, when using a "jump to slide" trigger, you can easily identify exactly which slide in a given scene you are jumping to.

It's a small investment in time, for a long term saving in time down the track.

(I also rename layers and timeline objects too - keeps things clean especially if you are using lots of triggers)

I have just completed a project that has 8 different scenes in it. I didn't get the "merge" problem you are having, and I've never seen it before. 

Hope this helps.

blair parkin

Hi Dee

What I think you are seeing is each scene displayed under the other because your lessons progress in a linear fashion. If they all branched from the first scene then they would be displayed differently.. They should all still be separate though. Each Scene is numbered and then each slide in the scene is numbered e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, Scene 2 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc


Dee Parker

Thank you Leonard and Blair for your responses, very helpful. My biggest concern was that it was merging into one scene that would then cause unforeseen issues, of particular concern was keeping my final lesson (scene) separate as it contains the scoring elements for the course and I want to keep those "separate". If the merged view is simply to visually indicate the linear flow, I'm good with that.