Advance to Next Slide with Media paused Properly and All Layers Showing til End


I'm trying to get the second slide of this attached file to move to the next slide at the right time. I don't want the Next button to display until after users have viewed all 5 layers, so that's the reason for the End slide being the way it is. 

The base layer has both paused video (because it was captured as a video and subsequent movements are unnecessary and distracting) and paused the audio so that the user doesn't have to hear the same announcement every time they return to the base layer. As for the Jump to next slide trigger, I've tried variables (SelectedShown 1-5) and shapes (Done buttons 1 from each layer) with Timeline times and cues but can't get it to either work at all or to work without cutting off the last part of the last layer too short visually and verbal narrative-wise.

Any and all help would be deeply appreciated! Of course, my deadline is today.

Thanks and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season,

Deb Elliott

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