Advanced animation tweening with JavaScript?

I am new to Storyline but have a Flash and HTML5 background. 

I am wondering if anyone has used any of the JS animations libraries such as TweenMax with Storyline? If so, what are the steps?

I notice in the output folder after publishing there is a file called user.js which gives me a clue as to where it might be referenced?.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Maureen:

I've never called those libraries from within SL, nor would I. Inside SL, you have the ability to write your own (or paste) code to use the functions of the libraries.

When I want to use any external libraries in SL, I will call the js file(s) by inserting the tag in the header of the output story.html file, or in the header of the template player.html file.


If I need to create external vars for SL to communicate, they too will go into the output story.html, or template player.html file.

i.e.var loadsomthing = function () {...

After that I would enter my script in teh SL Javascript dialogue to complete the js / SL integration. This is the js that you will see in the ser.js file.

Hope this helps,

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall