Advanced Navigation for Forced Learning

Hello, I'm writing a course that has a few pages of interaction specifically 'Markers' and 'Buttons'. I have the player set to Restricted and added a trigger for the slide to "When the state of Marker 1 and Marker 2 and Marker 3 are Visited, jump to next slide. Well my only issue is that the second I select the last marker to be visited, it automatically goes to the next slide. No time to read what is in the popup box, or select next on the player. I have tried numerous other triggers for pausing the timeline/ resetting the player to locked and Free to see if that was in conflict with the trigger settings. Under player triggers i have deleted the 'Jump to next slide when user clicks the next button or swipes next', i have another page set up with three similar buttons that each one navigates to the child pages (organized like a TOC) and the issue is doing the same thing only instead of jumping the next page (child page) it goes to the end of the course.

Ultimately I need help figuring out how to set up the page/triggers/player to where the student is on the slide, selecting any/all popup's and then after a few seconds (after everything has been set to a visited state) the next button shows up and the student can continue.

Please help! Thank you

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Michael Hinze

Without seeing the file it's hard to make a suggestion, but based on your description, you could set the initial state of the Next button to Disabled. Then add a slide trigger that changes the state of the next button to Normal, When the state of Marker 1 and Marker 2 and Marker 3 are Visited.