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Aug 29, 2014

Hey Folks - I just wanted to put some feelers out here for a little project I have in mind (that I'm thinking might involve some useful screencasts, among other things). All questions are in relation to Storyline.

What does 'advanced topics' mean to you?

What are some of the more complex things you would like to know more about?

Outside of basics, what would you like to learn?

Is there anything specific you'd like to see a demonstration of?

Any input is appreciated!


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Douglas Spencer

I would think "Advanced Topics" are for applications that I or others have not thought of before but would benefit from.

1. If possible, I would like to learn how to target text, shapes, and images with JavaScript. Applications could be to move them, change their state, or resize them when JavaScript executes.

2. While working I accidentally applied two animations to an object (while nesting in states?). An explanation for this could prove helpful.

Bruce Graham

I would like to see an entire "101" series for JavaScript.

Whilst I appreciate that you would have to learn a coding language to achieve this, it would be wonderful, (if it is possible...) to have a design lesson that took people from scratch through some of simpler concepts, and then grew them.

I have tried to learn programming many times, and just seem to have a block, my limit is somewhere around "if..then" statements.

Perhaps I just have to accept that there is a huge door in Storyline that I will never be able to open, and will always have to sub out to others if there is a required need.

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