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Jul 07, 2015

I have a 5 pointed intersection that I want the learner to follow each path before they are allowed to complete the final slides of the course. 

How do you arrange a variable to restrict advancement until all 5 paths have been taken?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Meg
I would create a T/F variable with a default of FALSE for each of the 5 paths.  On the last slide of each path set a trigger to 'Adjust Variable' the path variable you have created when the timeline starts on that slide to TRUE.

Do this on the last slide of each path with the unique variable you have created for each one.

On the intersection slide, set a trigger, jump to slide 'next slide' when user clicks Next button on condition, Variable1= true AND Variable2=true AND Variable3=true AND Variable4=true AND Variable5=true.  If you wanted you could have a 'Not yet' layer that pops up if they try and progress when they haven't completed all the pathways.  This trigger would be Show layer 'not yet' when user clicks Next button on condition Variable1 is not equal true OR Variable2 is not equal true OR Variable3 is not equal to true OR variable 4 is not equal to true OR Variable 5 is not equal to true.

Hope this makes sense - if not shout out or upload your story file and someone can help you.


Meg Seyler

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your detailed response. I can follow elements of it but struggled with implementing it.  I have made a mock up version of my problem (attached) I'm hoping you can help clear up my confusion. 

I took the T/F tutorial though it seems like you are asking me to create invisible True/False conditions.  I have set up a few paths to be False. But when I was trying to make a Trigger to "Adjust Variable" on the final slide as advised to switch to "True," I fumbled over my options.  The prompt asks to "Adjust Variable" then it asks for the specified variable to adjust, but then when it asks me to add a new variable it appears to rename the first variable so I don't know what to use when I am assigning my Value a few fields further down. In short: I think I'm close but very confused.

Thank you for your help, I hope this attaches!

Walt Hamilton


You started well, but you need to set the variables to "True", rather than to another variable, and each path needs its own variable.

I think this will work for you.

1. On each of the quiz slides I set the Path1 , etc. variable to TRUE when the user clicks NEXT

2. One the intersection slide, I set conditions on the NEXT button. It only advances if all 5 others are TRUE.

3. Following Wendy's idea, I made a layer that shows up when NEXT is clicked if Path1 isn't yet set to TRUE


Be careful that the triggers setting the variables are above the triggers to jump off a slide, or they will not happen.

Wendy Farmer

here you go Meg

I have updated your trigger names so you can see what I have done.  I didn't realise you had a quiz slide at the end, this is where you put the trigger to adjust the path variable to true.

See if this works for you and shout out with any questions.

Carolyn Drew

Hi Wendy/Walt

I have a similar issue - I've looked at your responses above and tried to set the variables up - but no luck.

I have 5 sections that need to be completed before viewing the final slide.  Each section is in a separate scene. 

I've put a variable at the end of each scene to change to true if completed.

The button on the summary slide won't work - i've put the conditions to all 5 variables need to be true to be able to move on.... but doesn't work.

Does having separate scenes in a project affect the variables?? (I have tried linking the last slide to the end of each scene - but that has no effect)

Any help welcome...



Wendy Farmer

Sorry missed your screenshot document before I did last post.

On your final slide in each scene is the trigger to set the variable to true when the timeline starts on that slide and is in the first trigger in the panel.

This last slide that has the orange oval, is that the last slide of scene 5 or do they click something else to get to that one?  If it is, could be that your last scene when 5slidevisited is not being triggered.

If you can upload the .story file that would really help

Carolyn Drew

Thankyou Wendy - I'll give it a go  I think I can see where I'm going wrong.  The orange oval is at the end of scene 5 - so I'll try moving it around as you have done in your attachement.  (i've also set the variable to go to true when they click 'next' on the last but one slide on each section - I'll change this to timeline as you have done and see if that makes a difference)  (I can't upload the file as confidential content - but if I still have problems I delete the content and upload a blank copy of it)  Will let you know



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