Advancing "layers" automatically?

Mar 22, 2014

I understand how to place various things on

a timed-slide and make them appear (automatically)

at different times on a single slide.

But when I add additional "layers" to the

same slide, it seems that I can't create them as

"timed-layers"...that appear one after the other.

In fact, when I add an additional layer to my

slide, it doesn't even appear on the same

timeline as my base layer.

It creates a whole new timeline for the new layer?

Soooo, does anyone know how to create
sequential timed "layers" that start automatically

once they appear?

Thanks for the help!

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Nancy Woinoski

Rand Tufford said:

And more thing. I'm a newbie to this

forum, so can I ask the purpose of the

green "Verify Answer" button.

Does one click-it when an answer given and Or do you always click-it to

show that you "read" someone's answer?

Just wondering.

You can click it when an answer given works. It is funny most people in the forum don't bother using the button.

Rand Tufford

I'll bet that most people don't "click-it"...

because (like me) they aren't clear as

to what it means.

"Verify Answer"

is a bit muddled...

and probably should be changed.


Perhaps if they used something like...

"Problem Solved"


"This Answer Worked"...

people would naturally click it.


Just a thought. 

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