Advancing question bank with minimal clicks

So, I'm working with a Question Bank for the first time and there are a few things I'm trying to add in.

- I want the quiz-taker to be able to move on to the next question (after filling out the fill in the blank) by clicking enter. The Correct/Incorrect screen could come up, but also be dismissed by clicking enter and, ideally, the cursor would immediately be right in the answer field for the next question. 

I see the option in a trigger to "advance by clicking Enter" but somehow it breaks when I put it into practice. Am I on the right track and just need to be more methodical about what detail I might have wrong, or should this be done another way all together?

- Secondly, I'd love to have a count down of how many questions are left in the section. I'm guessing that's a variable, yeah? *shudder* 

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Jaime McCall

And - my own update - I did figure out the answer to 1. I simply forgot that I've got my questions set to show randomly. I was previewing to test but pulling questions I hadn't set with the appropriate triggers. Looks like it works, now that I'm actually seeing the slides that have the new triggers.