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David Price

Hi Michelle, yes you can, its just how the triggers are set up.

Below is an example of progressing a slide by using the ENTER key on the keyboard, but you can use pretty much any key.  When you create the trigger, click in the 'Key' box and then press whatever key on your keyboard you want to use.

Hope this helps.

Rachel Gatewood

This is a helpful conversation! Does anyone know if there are set standards for keyboard use? For example, I could set the slide advance to the space bar but is "Ctrl+Enter" standard for those who use keyboard shortcuts. If I am going to create keyboard accessibility - I would like to do so inline with most commonly used.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Rachel!

Great question! The space bar and Enter key are comparable to a mouse click. I'd recommend allowing the users to Tab to the navigation buttons and then use the Enter key to "click" the next button to the next slide. This is what keyboard navigation users will experience when using the web, so this would be a similar approach.

Here are the keyboard navigation shortcuts for both JAWS and NVDA! It's important to make sure any keyboard shortcuts you create in your course don't interfere with the standard shortcuts.