Advancing to next slide on condition that all numeric entry fields have values greater than zero

I have 3 numerical entry fields on a slide. I want the user to enter values in all 3 fields before advancing to the next slide. I created a "continue" button with its initial state set to "hidden".  I set up a trigger to change the state of this button to normal when all numeric entry fields have a value greater than zero.

This only works when the "NumericEntry" value is entered last.  ("NumericEntry1" and "NumericEntry2" have to be entered first). 

How can I make this work so that the user can enter values in any order?

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Steve Bekkala

Hi JC,

Please see the attached .story file.

I created a new variable called "Total". The values that are entered by the user for "NumericEntry", "NumericEntry1", and "NumericEntry2" are each added to the "Total" value. The "Total" variable is then used as the trigger for when to un-hide the "Continue" button:

This way, it doesn't matter which order the 3 values are entered, since each one changes the "Total". As soon as the third value greater than 0 has been entered, the "Continue" button is then shown.

Matthew Bibby

And to further expand on Steve's great answer...

The reason why your original trigger didn't work is because it was only triggered when NumericEntry changed. If you want it trigger by any of them changing, you'd need three triggers, one that runs when NumericEntry changes, one that runs when NumericEntry1 changes and one that runs when NumericEntry3 changes.