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Jun 18, 2014

Hi All

I have a client who needs to run the courses that I have built for them via an LMS. This is so they can track quiz results. Many of their learners use iPads, so learners completing the course on an iPad must also have their results tracked. 

We have tried to do this via Litmos but have ran into a few problems. (These may or not be able to be resolved.) Does anyone have any fail safe LMSs that they have used that accomplish this with no issues? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi James,

I wish I had some suggestions, but I'm afraid I don't. The only option I can really recommend is Articulate Online, but this comes down to how your client wants the content distributed. 

The plus side of Articulate Online, is that it's available for a free 30 day trial. This would give you and your client the opportunity to try it out, and see if it would work for your projects. 

Having said that, however, you may have already tried out the service - you've been around the forums for a bit now :)

The only other suggestion I can give is to try posting over in the Building Better Courses section. This would give your inquiry a little more exposure and (hopefully) some additional feedback from community members.

Best of luck, James!

Vispi Baria

Hi James,  I'm not sure about a 'fail safe' LMS,  but we are currently testing our courses in Moodle (which we have been using for a number of years) for the Ipad and other devices. Tracking seems to work fine via safari. If you are looking to use the articulate player app then you will need to look for an LMS that supports the Tincan API. 


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