African American illustrated character


Does anyone know where I can find/buy an African American illustrated character (in the same style as the Storyline characters)? I noticed that there aren't any that come with the software. It also seems as if the ones you can purchase from Articulate are real people rather then illustrations.  I don't have time to manually change skin color and features either.

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Michael Maier

I agree. These are not african american characters--they look eurocentric with dark skin tones. At best we might say they are Indian. Articulate needs to do one of the following:

  • Provide true characters of other ethnicities (african, asain, hispanic, american indians, etc.) or
  • Create a tool to allow people to create their own character sets.

- Michael


Jerson  Campos

Hey Michael,

The ACP file format is what Articulate uses for it's software to read the character information. I'm sure a staff member can provide you with the technical definition for it.

While it would be great to have every true ethnicity represented, it wouldn't be practical. Then they would have to draw them in a variety of different uniforms or outfits and to a majority of people it still wouldn't "look" right. This is why I offer my custom character service. 

I think a tool that helps you create your own characters would be great, but the user would still need some artistic talent. Even if you purchased a character online, you would still need enough technical expertise to modify it so that it would work in the tool and export it in the necessary file format (WMF). 

Michael Maier

Hi Jerson -- Luckily I have the illustrative skills. In my mind this would be similar to when photoshop opened itself up to 3rd party plugin development. I understand that it may not make sense for Articulate to develop specific character set(s). However, if there is an earnest power user who has the gumption and talent to create a useful character set, then Articulate should lower the barriers to making it integrate-able with the software. Thanks for the info Re: ACP. - Michael