After Effect Videos shift in storyline HTML5 output

Hi everyone !

The herewith attached Stoyline output contains two slides. Each slide contains a video. The second video in the first slide is the continuity of the first video in the first slide: the end of the first video contains an element that is meant to grow in the second video. 

Here are my triggers:

- The second slide appears automatically at the end of the timeline of the first slide. 

- Each video start at the beginning of their timeline

My problems:  

- My current problem: Either in IE or Chrome, the second slide doesn't play the second video automatically. There is a kind of "cut" before the zoom.

- My former problem: Even if the two videos are placed at exactly the same place in Ater Effect and in Storyline, the output displays a kind of shift of a few pixels when the slides change. This problem doesn't seem to happen anymore but might happen again so I'd like to understand why just in case.

Thanks in advance,


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Richard Hill

Really nice AfterEffects videos Harriet!  The file on my computer played flawlessly on different browsers ( Firefox, Chrome).  I have run into this problem before and it stemmed from the content not preloading  sufficiently prior to slide change. For me the solution was to shorten the length of the video segments.  I also found that some formative assessment or interactives placed intermittently in the content helps the videos stay buffered properly.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Harriet,

I also wanted to share some information in terms of playback of the individual slides, as we'll load the content as described here. Also, you'll want to test the Storyline content in the intended publish environment vs. testing it locally as you can encounter some security restrictions and other odd behavior if testing it locally.