After importing a PPT presentation into Storyline 360, the font size for captions text in each slide has been reduced

After importing a PowerPoint presentation, I notice that the font size for captions text in each slide has been reduced. So I need to change the size for each caption text. First question, is it possible to import a PPT presentation according to the original font size? If so, how to do it? Second question, how quickly change the font size of each caption text in all my slides, all at once?

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Ali Goulet

Hey Bogdan!

Thanks so much for reaching out here.

When you import Powerpoint slides into Storyline, make sure the slide sizes match. If the .story file is a smaller story size than the original Powerpoint slide size, elements will scale to fit proportionately within the new size. 

Take a look over here for some more tips to keep in mind when importing Powerpoint Slides.

Let me know if that does the trick ☺️