After lightboxing a slide and closing it, audio file that was playing will cut off prematurely and then jump to a random layer

 I want learners to be able to easily review a video so they can answer questions about it so I have an object they can click on to open the lightbox (it's on the base layer and they can click on it from any layer). When they lightbox it it pauses whatever layer they are on and continues after returning from the lightbox. When they return it will randomly jump to the wrong layer and won't complete the layer they were on... 

I suspected that it was an issue with the latest software update for storyline 360 (3.22.17236.0) so I undid that version (nice option that was just added) and returned to ver 3.21.17083.0. After that everything worked as advertised again. I believe this is a new bug created by the latest update.

I've attached a test file so you can test my theory

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your file, Brian! I'm glad you were able to roll back to Update 21 to continue working while we look into this potential bug.

I'm having some trouble recreating this issue in a new file, so I'd like to enlist our Support Team's help. They'll test your file and reach out via email when they have more to share!

Teresa Vanderpost

I just submitted a discussion as well, where I was having an issue closing a lightbox and it jumped by all my layers to the last layer..which was not good.  I rolled back to 3.21 October release and it works perfectly.  So I think November release must have a closing lightbox bug.  I have asked whether I should record via email or if my discussion board is enought to start...thanks