After publishing, TOC scrollbar changes to gray

Possibly after installing Articulate 360, all of our TOC scrollbars turn to gray when we publish our modules. In preview mode, the scrollbars have the normal color, but in the published files, the scrollbars all turn gray. I've tried changing to other default color player themes, and get the same result. The scrollbar will have the theme color (blue, green, etc.) when I preview it, but as soon as it's published, it's back to the gray color again.

Any ideas about how to fix this? It's possible that this started happening after we installed Articulate 360. Our files published earlier in the year don't have that same issue.

Thanks for any help!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Joyce, and all.  I’m sorry to make you wait for an update. I had to do a little digging to see what the result of our internal conversation was in June.  We had talked about this issue publicly as both a bug and a feature request, and that confusing communication is on us.  I apologize.

In HTML5 output, the classic player scrollbars will not adopt the color formatting you chose.  We designed the classic player scrollbars to always be gray in the HTML5 output.  For that reason, we use the term “feature request,” because it’s working as designed.

That doesn’t change what you need since you’re expecting to see your color choices whether in Flash or HTML5!  I get that, and I’ve made sure that we’ve included the many perspectives here in our report.  I'm going to continue to keep my eyes on this, and if anything changes in the future, I promise to let you know.

Joyce Hensen

Thanks for the response.

Does this means that if I want the color to match my SL3 player using HTML5, I need to put in a "Feature Request"? Or that the request is already there and being considered?

Our design team won't ever have the budget to get SL 360, so knowing what to expect in SL3 is important.

Marina Raynis

I just wanted to add my two cents - yes, very very misleading to allow us to change the colors in the player, only to end up with grey scroll bars in the published output.  Very disappointed to find out it's misleading on purpose, not to mention the amount of time I spent trying to figure out if this was an error on my part.  We all know that Adobe will stop supporting flash in 2020 (, so I don't understand why these features aren't getting updated. 

Lisa Anderson

Articulate Team,

Is there an ETA for this? I agree with the others that it is inaccurate to place this as a feature request, especially since publishing to html5 has been an option since SL1. It appears as though it was simply overlooked and could be a super easy fix for the many, many users of SL3, and the subscribers to 360.

An error for over a year, doesn't appear to be customer focused, and we're all patiently waiting. I didn't put in a request for this because I've been following this thread (and others like it) for over a year and the issue is still ocurring.

Articulate, help us out and remedy this immediately.

Kind regards.

Alyssa Gomez
Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for the feedback you've shared so far.

In all versions of Storyline, the Classic player scrollbar will appear gray if you're viewing the HTML5 output. Right now, we're not planning to add a color formatting option for the scroll bar in the HTML5 Classic player. 
We'll share these thoughts with the right folks and let you know if our plans change. 
Joyce Hensen

Just noticed (for the first time) that the SL3/360 color map DOES say that scroll bars are always gray in HTML5 output. Unfortunately, when doing course conversion from flash to HTML5 output, this is going to be hard to remember until after publication.  (grumble, grumble...)

Alexandra Angelova
Sherri Sagers

I'm a little bit confused why we've started calling this a feature. Since we can specify which color we want the scrollbar to be, shouldn't we be correct in assuming that the published version of the file displays the color we've chosen?

If the published version doesn't allow for the scrollbar to be customized, then that shouldn't be an option. We should be able to see what it really ends up looking like in our previews.

I totally agree with Sherri. This is really frustrating and misleading. I've been trying to "fix" this since yesterday, only to find out my attempts have been futile from the beginning. You should find a way to communicate this issue more transparently. Moreover, Flash is obsolete: everyone has been ditching it for years now. For a product as pricey as yours, one would expect you to at least be able to keep up this type of tendencies. Guess I will just have to get used to my '90's style layout.