After reviewing a scene, course does not advance to the next scene

I have built a course in about six or so different scenes and I did this for organizational purposes. I have it setup up so that as you finish one section there are review questions (usually just two questions) about that section and they are not graded nor are they remediated. Once you get the questions correct, the user can move onto the next scene but, once your there if you go back to the previous scene I cannot get the course to let me advance to the next section anymore. The questions are still answered correctly but it will not move to the next section. Does that make any sense? Is there a simple way to fix this?

FYI, when the student is answering the questions, they "submit" the answer and if they revisit the slide they can no longer submit an answer, there are only previous and next buttons.

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Hyrum Mertlich

So I found a wacky work-around. Storyline will not let me add a "Jump to... by clicking on the Next" trigger on the slides with the quiz questions (which is where I was getting hung up). But what I did was I copied and pasted a "Jump to... by clicking on the Next" trigger from a previous slide and that seems to be working just fine. Now the student can take the course initially answer the questions and then still come back for review without having to re-answer the questions at the end of each scene all over again.