Hi guys,

I have a doubt about the publishing in Storyline 2. I need to publish my course in AICC, but it's the first time I'm making in this pattern. I tested my course on Scorm Cloud and it didn't work, it doesn't open. I want to know if perhaps am I doing something wrong when I'm publishing? Do I need to select something other than LMS AICC option? 

Another doubt that I have is if when I publish Scorm or AICC, the videos are already in flash? Or I have to do something for this happens?


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Isabella Rosati

Hi Alyssa, thanks for helping me, the Scorm Cloud issue was resolved.

I want to know if, when I publish my course in AICC, does it transform the course in flash? Because this is one of the requirements of my client.

Just one more question: the AICC option is AICC-CMI Level 1?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Isabella, 

Could you explain what you mean about "transform the course in flash"? Storyline 2 will publish Flash with an HTML5 back up if you select that. That way if the user is accessing it in a browser that doesn't have Flash enabled, they'll be presented with the HTML5 output. 

I'm double checking on our AICC levels - so stay tuned!