AICC in Success Factors/Plateau not displaying course

Hi all,

Very new to this industry and our developer has gone off on his holidays and isn't around to help me here. Apologies if this is all very simple etc.

Our client has our course in AICC format (it works on SCORM cloud in both SCORM and AICC). When they're uploading it to their LMS (Success Factors/Plateau) the course isn't displaying anything but what you see in the image and nothing is clickable.

The exact response from them was the following:

"The issue is in the Index.lms_html5 file. 

Please note that the CSS file remains as is – the revisions in the index.lms_html5 file are the critical changes.

We do not receive an error message. The course does not display or move properly when launched – please see the screen print. This is all we see on a test user account, and there is no animation. What appears to be hyperlinks are not ‘clickable’. "

If anyone can give me some pointers or advice it'd be fantastic.

Thanks in advance,


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Craig,

What version of Internet Explorer are you using? I'd want to make sure you're using a version that supports the HTML5 output, and my guess is you may also be using Articulate 360 so take a look at the browser versions here. 

Since it does work normally in SCORM Cloud, it sounds like there may an issue with how SuccessFactors is reading the content. Are you able to connect with the LMS admin for additional troubleshooting?