AICC Issue with Course Marking User as Complete in case of Failing Score

We have created a course with following settings:

1. AICC compliance course

2. Completion status set to Passed/Failed

3. Passing Score is 80%

4. Pool of 27 questions, 12 questions are showing random

When we are deploying course on SumTotal LMS, it is showing course status as completed even learner get's less than 80%. See attachment 1.png

Also, sometimes Learner Activity Progress Details showing more then 12 questions. See attachment. 2.png

However, it works fine on Cloud.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sharah -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! So just to confirm, you have already tested your AICC Content in the SCORM Cloud and everything appears to be in order? Typically, if all is well on the SCORM Cloud, we'd recommend that you reach out to your LMS to see if they are able to share some additional insight on the behavior you are encountering. 

Emily Ruby

Hi Sharad,

Sorry you are having issues with your course. When you say Cloud, are you referring to SCORM Cloud? If so, and if it is working there, you may want to take this up with the support team at SumTotal. You can enable the LMS Debug log for the course to see what is being sent directly from Storyline. 

Hopefully others familiar with SumTotal can just in with ideas as well.