AICC LMS -- how to force results slide to push results to LMS

How can an AICC standard course be modified to force the quiz results to be submitted to the LMS when the results slide appears (and not wait until the end of course slide)? I’d prefer a trigger on the results slide but it needs to work with AICC.

 I see lots of information about SCORM standard courses, and editing the CONFIGURATION.JS file to change var EXIT_BEHAVIOR, but we need to make sure that the results are submitted without waiting for the learner to exit.

 The courses must be AICC, and restricted to one attempt. The Results slide currently has a trigger to Submit results when Timeline starts. Allow user to retry quiz is not checked. We're using Storyline 1.

 In another environment we had to have a third party vendor add something at the end of each lesson to force the course to send progress information because of sporadic packet-loss issues for learners in Asia (LMS in the US), and was SCORM.

The current learners are all using Windows, within the same state, but accessing the LMS from different offices. Troubleshooting at the learner level is essentially impossible, and I don't have access to the LMS to do testing.


Thanks for your help.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer, 

As you can see the trigger is based on "when timeline starts" so that it should be submitting the results at that point, but course completion is often determined based on them closing the course as well - which if they're closing from the results slide should allow the results to go through? You mentioned not being able to test in your LMS, but you may want to look at testing it at SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing LMS content.  This article will walk you through some standard testing procedures and these steps are specific to using your AICC content at SCORM Cloud. 

Hopefully if others in the community have run into similar situations they'll be able to share with you here.