AICC published course doesnt save data in LMS(SCORM.CLOUD) when user passes. And works perfect when user fails and exit course!

Hi Team,

I have developed and published a storyline course in AICC version.

When uploading the package in LMS(SCORM.CLOUD), i face the following issues.

COMPLETION status: Works perfectly and displays completed or incompleted accordingly.

- When user attempts the assessment and fails, LMS shows correctly (Both Success and Score).
- When user completes the assessment with pass marks, then LMS shows SUCCESS as failed and SCORE as 0%.


I am attaching both source and package file here.

Please help in fixing!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pradeep,

Thanks for sharing the files and I'm taking a look. I noticed you set it to show the completion based on slides viewed not the results slide, so I wanted to make sure that's what you wanted to occur? I also saw you were using an exit course trigger and there is a known issue where AICC content published for SCORM Cloud incorrectly reports completion status when custom Exit button or Player tab is used. As our team investigates that you'll want to look at removing that trigger from your slide master and allowing the user to utilize the browser close button. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

No problem Pradeep - the other element that I mentioned was in regards to the exit trigger and that it is currently causing difficulty with the course score and that's something that our QA team is aware of. In the meantime you could look at removing the exit course trigger and just letting the user close the course by closing the browser window. 

I've included this forum discussion in the report filed with our team, so I'll be sure to update you here once there is any additional information but I cannot offer a time frame in regards to that.