AICC Published Storyline course shows completed when we upload in LMS even though we havent completed a slingle slide

Hi Team,

I have developed a course in Storyline and published as AICC LMS option. 

When we upload the same package in LMS(, it loads fine. Suppose if we exit the course in between by clicking on exit button(For ex: Just after completing a slide). The LMS completion status shows as Completed.

Can anyone please help?

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Jennifer Sader

I'm not sure how it works in other LMSs, but ours (Success Factors) cannot track the actual completion status of AICC objects. Either we can set them to mark complete on launch (which sounds like what you describe here) or we can use an acknowledgement wrapper that allows the user to verify that he or she has read the materials. 

I'm not sure but this suggests there might be some inherent limitations in tracking AICC objects.

Pradeep Kulkarni

Thanks for the kind response Jennifer and Leslie :)

Yes Leslie, I am testing the course in SCORM cloud. Still i face the same issue.

And I had made the change you mentioned above. In-fact the course opens only after we make the small change and upload. Otherwise it throws error.

Do we need to tweet any JS? 


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Pradeep!

Thanks for sharing. I was popping back in to report:

I published your course and tested in SCORM Cloud.

1. Opened course and closed - Completion: incomplete Success: unknown

2. Take quiz and get 50% - Completion: complete Success: failed

3. Take quiz and get 100% - Completion: complete Success: passed

But - I realized that I was not utilizing your custom 'Exit' button - and that is where the issue lies.

I am now able to see the issue you are reporting and this is an issue that has been shared with our QA Team.

I will add this thread for user awareness and for update when applicable.

Workaround listed: Don't use custom Exit button when existing the course (Use the close button from the Web browser instead)