AICC publishing assistance: URGENT

Aug 05, 2013

Setting up my first project on this particular configuration and need some guidance.

Client uses Success Factors (cloud solution) as an LMS, but all e-Learning content is placed on an internal server. Browser IE 8 (no other options in corp env.)

Several Issues appear immediately when reviewing the content published for AICC locally:

  • No Resume on AICC publish
    The expected "Resume" dialogs appear when published for HTML, but not AICC.
    I do get an IE alert bar "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted ..." 
    I click the alert  bar and select "Allow Blocked Content..."
  • Exit "button" not working
    The standard "exit" link/button on player top/right  does nothing (should close window... not even testing LMS communications yet 

What is the correct "index" file for LMS content link?

I am using an external content server, so I must indicate URL of published content (instead of typical upload of content in to LMS). Which should I point to?




Need to understand Storyline AICC Publish/Reporting and Tracking Settings better:

- How should the Identifier" and "Filename" fields be completed?

- Are they actually used in communications with the LMS?

- Does filename indicate a path or just the file name?

- again, index_lms.html or story.html

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Brent deMoville

You want to point to the index_lms.html file.  The resume dialog should be handled by Success Factors when the index_lms file is launched from within the LMS.

You don't need to complete the filename fields in Storyline.  They will be entered by the administrator of the LMS when they set up your content.

I am not sure why the "x" is not closing your window.  That always works for me.

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