AICC studio and storyline courses - not completing properly in LMS (SumTotal)

Jul 27, 2015

We have recently found that our AICC courses that were created using Articulate Studio and Storyline have not been completing properly for learners in our LMS (SumTotal).
Our LMS vendor has recommended the following recommendations:
• Change the intermediary posts settings – from 10 minutes to 5 minutes in the course. DO YOU KNOW WHERE TO DO THIS IN STORYLINE 2?
“This will ensure that the status is periodically saved to the database. You may want to consider changing this from 10 minutes to 5 minutes and/or at the end of each topic/sub topic so that the latest is posted to the database in case the network connection is dropped.”
• Pre-load the course so the end user does not need to wait for the course pages to load – DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THIS FOR AICC?
“This is controlled by the course developers when they are designing the course”. I found something in an older articulate studio book discussing file outputs from Articulate:,, course.cst, course.des these file outputs are supposed to control: location of content, passing score, time limit of the content, etc. Do you think this is related? How do I change these settings/file outputs?
• The LMS vendor gave us this information tied to a specific course that did not complete appropriately…
Putparam post at the start of the course was set to Lesson_Status = N (not attempted or n or na) Incomplete, implies the student made an attempt to perform the lesson, but for some reason was unable to finish it. Not attempted = student did not even begin the lesson.
They recommended that the course not be set to Lesson_Status=N
but rather set to Lesson_Status=I for AICC 3.5 standards. I am uncertain where this might be set in the course. Do you have any tips, clues or suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gabriele,

Our team is aware of an issue with AICC courses not reporting correctly if the user exits and resumes the course, and that the user will see a status of completion even before they've answered the questions. Currently they're continuing to investigate this, and in the meantime you may want to ask your LMS if you're able to use another reporting option such as SCORM 1.2 or 2004.

As far as the changes they recommend you made, those all sound like changes to make to the published output, which is not something that I can offer support for. 

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