AICC tracking from native storyline iOS version

Apr 04, 2013

In the storyline publish settings we can select the "Use Articulate Mobile Player for iPad" option and AICC in the output options. Does this means the App version of the course could perform AICC tracking? 

I assume the user is always online (i am not worried about offline download functionality). The documentation on this site suggests about only Tin Can API options with the native version. I believe Tin Can works through HTTP. On the similar lines AICC also can work through HTTP. So logically it should be possible, isn't?

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Aaron Shumaker

AICC shouldn't require a browser element.  A native app can make web API requests to an AICC endpoint, just as it does to Tin Can endpoints.  

Tin Can certainly is a powerful and very flexible API, but for the basic needs of tracking completion information, it is overkill IMO.  Consider a course that supports both SCORM and Tin Can(for native app), which is obviously going to implement the lowest common denominator, which means basic key/value pair store and completion info.  Thus, the really powerful capabilities of Tin Can would never be leveraged.  

I think it's great you are proactive in supporting Tin Can, but implementing a Tin Can LRS end point is not small task.  This is stated many times by the writers of the Tin Can spec: 

"It’s not an easy thing to build" -

"Developing an LRS from scratch is not a trivial undertaking" -

Thus this is a barrier for adoption of Storyline, if the storyline app was capable of reporting basic completion info to an AICC endpoint, then that would be great.

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