Alert in Flash version hangs Safari browser!

Nov 21, 2013

Hello All,

I am facing this very frustrating issue of browser being freeze or lock-up after a JavaScript alert is displayed in my flash version of course on Safari browser. All other browsers work fine when the same sample is tested. To explain more I created one sample which can be viewed from links below: (View in Safari browser)

Flash Version:

HTML5 Version:

Two alerts are generated from JavaScript,, first comes before the course loads while second comes after you click the 'Generate alert' button from course. This works fine in HTML5 version.

If the Flash version is viewed, first alert works properly but the alert generated after clicking the 'Generate Alert' button locks the browser. I want this issue resolved at the earliest as I have already crossed the deadline set by client.

I understand that support to JavaScript implementation does not lies within the scope of Storyline forum support but I have referred many guys and none of them are able to propose a solution or work around. Right now we only have hope from you.

I have also attached my source files.

Please help please!

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