Alert message when LMSFinish passes a False value.

Nov 19, 2018

Dear all,

I have added an alert message, when the LMSFinish returns a false value. I have placed the alert message in "SCORMFunctions.js" below is the coding.

function SCORM_CallLMSFinish(){
var strResult;
WriteToDebug("In SCORM_CallLMSFinish");
WriteToDebug("Calling LMS Finish");
strResult = SCORM_objAPI.LMSFinish("");
strResult = strResult + "";
WriteToDebug("strResult=" + strResult);
if (strResult == SCORM_FALSE){
alert("An error occurred while closing");
WriteToDebug("Detected failed call to LMSFinish");
WriteToDebug ("Error calling LMSFinish:");
WriteToDebug (" intSCORMError=" + intSCORMError);
WriteToDebug (" SCORMErrorString=" + strSCORMErrorString);
WriteToDebug (" Diagnostic=" + strSCORMErrorDiagnostic);
return false;
WriteToDebug("Returning True");
return true;

But nothing got reflected, can anyone help me on this.

Published: Scorm 1.2 - Html with Flash backup

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