Alexander Street Press and Films on Demand

Hello! We currently have a subscription to Films on Demand and have not found a way to embed the films in Storyline. I have tried to insert as a web object and also inserting a video from a website, but have had no success. Has anyone else figured out how to do this?

Also, we are investigating Alexander Street Press for additional streaming video. Has anyone had success embedding the videos from Alexander Street press.

Any help on this would be much appreciated

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Andrea,

While I haven't used the service myself, I did have a quick look at the FAQ section of the site. Have a look at the following section :

Will embedded videos work anywhere?

Embedded videos will play anywhere within your authenticaton range. Outside of this range, a username and password are required to watch the videos

I assume this is probably the reason you can't get the embed to work within Storyline. If this is correct, then the only way to show this video is to first save it offline and then import it in SL itself.

Hope this helps,