Align to Cue Point Vs Delete all Cue Points

I have now done this a number of times - the number high enough that it led me to think that may be the order could be switched.  Here is what I am talking about.

When I sync animations on timeline, instead of clicking on "Align to Cue Point", I accidentally click "Delete All Cue Points".  Now I am able to bring back the cue points by using undo button (yes i have not had any issues with undo button in this scenario).

Has someone else experienced this.  If its just me, then I guess I better control my mouse selections.  However, if others have also experienced this, then may be we could request a feature to change the placement of these two commands.  May be put something else (less intrusive) - say "create cue point at playhead" between these two cue point related commands.

Looking forward to your thoughts!



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