Aligning "Change State" with Cue Points

Hey everyone!  Fairly new to Storyline but a thought just came across my head this morning while adding changing states to a character.  It would be really cool if we could set the "Changing State" of a character with a cue point on the timeline.

If this is doable now, advice on how to set the trigger would be Fantastic!!!

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Diane - you can't assign a trigger directly to a cue point but there is a round about way of doing this. 

1.Start by creating a shape that is off to the left or right of the actual slide.

2. Move the timeline for the shape so that its starts at the point you want to trigger the "Changing State"

3.  Add a trigger to the shape as follows:

Action: Change State of

On Object:  name of character or object you want to change

To State: whatever state you want to display

When: Timeline Starts


Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Diane!

I totally agree, this is a popular feature request, and I'd love to see something like this put into place.

In the meantime you can accomplish this, but to do so, you'll probably want to use some additional shapes, triggers or tricks.

Here's a good discussion that provides some suggestions.

Good luck with the project and have a great Friday!