Aligning object over several slides/scene/layers

I am not successful at finding a way to align objects over different scene / slides / layers. The best i have been able to do is copy from one slide/layer to the other align then cut and paste to the other slide /layer.

Anyways to set the top pixel of the bounding box to be for instance x:34 y:253 ?


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Philippe JEANTY

Still some problems..

One slide has a long timeline and to make editing simpler i wanted to extend the content on a subsequent slide but keep some object in their final place. So in this sample i would like to transition from slide 1 to slide 2 and align PICTURE 4 on slide 2 with the final position of picture 4 (basal ganglia) in slide one. 

When i right click on Picture 4 in slide 1 at the end of the timeline I cannot find the final position of that object.

Philippe JEANTY

yes :) i know but not at the end of the motion path:)

Remember I am trying to apply a motion path to an object and then for the next slide have the object exactly matching the position of the END-PATH position.

That bounding box at that end-path does not "snap" to the grid or did i miss something ?