Alignment Issue with Variable Reference

I am building a slide that displays a list of questions that a user did not answer. I am storing the list in a text variable and am referencing it on the slide.

If I make the list separated with a comma and a single space, the alignment works just fine (first attachment).

If, however, I separate with a double-space, the alignment skews to the left (second attachment). If the list is long enough, this even causes everything to shift outside of the text box (third attachment).

Weirdly enough, if I make the same list directly on the slide without referencing a text variable, it also works just fine.

I would prefer to use the double-space as I find it easier to read, but cannot figure out how to prevent the shift from happening.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Zachary!

We're happy to help! Have you tied multiple states to that text box? If so, what are the Auto-fit settings for each text box?

Are you comfortable sharing your .story file with us? This will give us a better idea of what you've created so far. You can attach the file to this public discussion or upload it to our team privately using this secure upload link.