Alignment of 2 objects...

Hi All!

Quick scenario:

I have a button and a text box underneath.  I have the button in the exact place I want it and I want to center the text underneath the button.  Every time I select the two items (button and text box), the BUTTON moves to be centered with the text.  I would like the TEXT to move to be centered under the button.

Is there anyway to tell SL to leave the button alone and just center the text underneath it (without moving the button)?

Thanks for any help!

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Crystal Horn

Hey Birgit.  It looks like you attached the published output of your project which can't be edited from within Storyline.  So I hosted it temporarily using Tempshare to see what the output would actually look like once hosted.

But, I do see what you're saying; you'd like the text labels to center under each circular button (nice design by the way!)  Instead of using the align tool and selecting the objects to align, try using the "smart guides."  Smart guides are temporary visual guidelines that appear when you're moving objects around and two objects come into alignment with each other. They disappear as soon as you release your mouse button to place the object where you want it.

Grid Settings

Under the Align dropdown, go to Grid Settings.  You'll see that you can select to Display smart guides.  When aligning objects (by dragging your text box horizontally), a dashed vertical line will appear when the 2 objects are aligned. 

Aligning objects to each other using the Align dropdown > Align Center will default to aligning the smaller object (in your case, the button) to the larger object (text box).