Alignment: Slide View vs. Preview Mode

I often find that I have a problem with alignment of my shapes and images differing from when I am designing a slide to when I preview it.  


Here is an example of a slide I am currently working on:

Slide View Screenshot

Here is the previewed version (This is what is should look like):

Preview Mode Screenshot

*Note: I had to go back and forth between the Preview and editing mode constantly to make sure everything lined up on the Preview side.  Obviously the alignment had been reversed before I fixed it.

Is this something that is common with others?  Or is there something I am doing wrong, or even perhaps the settings I have on Articulate or my computer?

It is constantly frustrating to work on something and have it perfectly aligned only to go in and see that it isn't actually aligned, and I have to switch between views to fix it.

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Walt Hamilton

My first guess is that the editing page is a different zoom percentage than the preview.

I don't think any program can keep the alignment perfect when the zoom gets smaller or larger than 100%.

There are a lot of good reasons to work at a zoom percentage other than 100%, but checking your alignment isn't one of them.

Training Team

I can't believe that was the issue.  I usually try to keep it at 100% when I am dealing with the main layout and aligning, but apparently it slipped my mind this time.  I have built so many than I when something seems off about one that I haven't experienced with the others, I feel it may be a bug, haha.