All answers in Review showing as incorrect


I am very new to Storyline2 and have a few areas i need help in please.

1)All answers in Review showing as incorrect (even the correct ones): I read that all question slides should be set to "resume saved state" and this will solve the correct/incorrect problem when a learner reviews the test, but if a learner clicks on another section of the project (while the test is in progress) and returns to the questions, the answers he chose are still showing. The only way the answers are reset is if question slides are set to "reset to initial state" (or maybe there is another way?) but then when the review is done, the answers all show incorrect (even though some of them are correct). Is there a way where we can have the slides set to "reset to initial state" (without having to go through the entire test with a "reset quiz" button at the end) AND have the correct/incorrect  displayed correctly?

2)Numbering each question in the question bank: We have 4 tests within our project, each consisting of 75 questions and all are set to random. I got to the point where the number was listed on each slide i.e. 1/75, 2/75, 3/75 etc but when we do a review, the numbers keep going on 80/75,  /81/75. Even when you move away from the test (other areas in the project) and go to a test again, the count still keeps going i.e. 115/75, 116/75. Please help with this? detailed instructions (step by step) will really be helpful :) :)

Thank you!



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ali,

1) The only way to have the questions reset and still also the user to review would be to utilize the "retry" button on the results slide as that'll reset the course and allow the user to retake the quiz questions. If you'd like to allow the user to revisit and change their answer, have you looked at submitting it all at once? 

2) I'm guessing you're using a variable to increment this, as there is not a question number/page number set up in Storyline. It's been a common topic in the forums before, and you'll need to include triggers if they revisit the slide - for example this thread has a set up you could use if the users are reviewing the course.