All caps title with "sentence case" menu items

Is there a way to have an UPPERCASE title, but keep the menu title in regular "sentence case"?

It's a style choice to have all titles in uppercase, so I don't want to end up having to retype all the slide titles in the menu if I can avoid it.

My only thought so far is to install a similar looking "all caps" font and use that for the title, while leaving the Player with its default font. First I wanted to consult the community to see if anyone else has run into this and found a better workaround.


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Jeff Forrer

Hello, a few questions.  Trying to understand your dilemma.

  1. Your ALL CAPS TITLE.  Are you trying to pull that from somewhere using a var, or are you just typing that in on the screen?
  2. The Menu pulls from the Scene name and Slide name you put on your slide and scene.  Are you saying all of your slide names are in CAPS on the actual slide (Base Layer) (which shows up in the Menu), and you want them to be sentence case so you don't want to have to retype all of your slide names on the base layer?
Rena Maguire

Thanks for helping! Here are my answers:

1. I am just typing the titles on the screen. Ideally, I would like to have the titles automatically be formatted as "uppercase", but there appears to be an issue controlling this from a master slide (

2. Yes, all my slides will have uppercase titles, but I don't want the Menu items to all appear uppercase - I just think it looks annoying on the menu.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Jeff Forrer

See attached file.  I used the built-in var for slide title on the master slide and set to ALLCAPS.  This way it shows whatever you name your slide (sentence case) on the Base Layer as such in the Menu, and ALLCAPS on the slide title itself.  Does this accomplish what you were looking for?