All Kinds of Issues with the Latest Update!!!

  • Text on screen not showing in HTML5
  • Video is moving around on the screen and is inconsistent from one screen to another
  • Audio from video plays on the page before the video shows up
  • No interactions display on iPad using the HTML5 version in the browser, not the player
  • Resource PDF's not opening consistently
  • Lots of other small things that were working before the update

Feel free to contact me to diagnose these issues.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Christopher,

Looks like Cleo is currently working with you on these issues in a support case (#00381747 for my reference).

It looks like you sent in some additional information for Cleo to review. He should be in touch with you soon.

I'll also be following the progress of the case. However, if you happen to find some additional information regarding the issues you posted, please feel free to share them with me here.