All-of-the-above quandry

How can I make a multiple-choice question with an all-of-the-above answer which will accept choosing all-of-the-above AND literally all of the above answers and/or just choosing the all-of-the-above answer.

For example if I have a question with four answers and the last one is "all of the above" (correct answer), the user should be able to select all four answers or just "all of the above" and get it correct.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi George,

Welcome to the community. ;

I've attached a file with 3 choices, rather than 4. I'm about to leave shortly, so was trying to move along quickly!

If I understood correctly, Learners should be able to either

Select the All of the above checkbox and get a correct response


Select the (in my example) 3 correct items' checkboxes and get a correct response


Check the All of the above checkbox option AND all 3 correct items' checkbox to get a correct response


if they neglect to select one of the 3 correct items' checkboxes they get an incorrect response


if they Select the All of the Above checkbox but select only 1 or two of the correct items' checkboxes, they receive an incorrect response

I may have misunderstood, but perhaps this will get you started. I had to use a Pick One with 2 buttons offstage as the Correct/Incorrect "triggers." Not enough time to explain it now, but please shout out with questions and I'll check back when I can.

Also, someone may have a different perspective on what you're looking for and a better answer!