All Slides/Scenes disappear after save

Jun 15, 2012

I just lost all of my work. I saved my file for the day.  (I even did a save as to a thumbdrive as a backup).  When i went to open the file this is what i got.

Nothing.   Everything is gone.   Please advise.  5 scenes. 90 slides.  Gone.  File size was only 30 mbs.

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M. Bosscher

Already did.  I think I might have narrowed it down.  After restoring back 3 days before the error occurred, I started copying slides one at a time into a completely new storyline file.

There was one slide with two text entry triggers that would crash S***yline.  "Storyline has stopped working and will now close".

Sucks that a bad/corrupt slide causes you to lose an entire course.......

Chandra Prakash Gupta

Hi Peter,

Hope you are doing well.

Same problem I am facing here. I have almost 19 scenes, about 120 slides and 290 mb file size. Now I just lost all of my slides when open files. I have tried more and more time to open the file in my system, but same file is open properly in other system successfully. Is there any technical options have in storyline that can show all slides in the project.

Thank you,

Peter Anderson

Sorry for the trouble, Chandra. 

Just to be clear, you're able to open the .story file on other machines but not your particular machine? 

Can you please confirm that you're working locally, and not on a network or shared drive?

Also, please feel free to attach your .story file here, or send it to us privately, and we'd be happy to take a look at things. 


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