Allego LMS app and Storyline SCORM

May 15, 2020

Has anyone had any experience with the Allego LMS app and Storyline 360? We published a Storyline HTML5 only SCORM 1.2 course, uploaded it to the Allego LMS but when we play the course on the iPad (13.4.1) using their app, the course does not display. (It does display via their website LMS portal.) A loading symbol shows for a few seconds and then disappears and the course does not load (see attached screen capture). We are working with Allego support now. Their thought is there may be an issue with Articulate Storyline 360 in general. I don't think it is an issue specific to the course because I published a separate, simple two screen course with no media, etc. with the settings above and had the same result. The course does display on the iPhone Allego app. They also reported the same behaviour in the Litmos iPad app. I was able to publish a course in the Storyline Version 3 Update 9 standalone application and it did display in the Allego app, but that Storyline version has a bug that does not allow the responsive design to show on the iPad (Articulate support recently confirmed this and said they would fix it). With no responsive design, you can magnify graphics or scroll in the course (there are other issues as well). I will work with Articulate support next but wanted to get feedback before I do. Any help is welcome. Thanks.

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