'Allow downloading for offline viewing' - error

Jan 14, 2013

Above is my publish screen. I have a simple tincan endpoint that works with flash/html/ipad_app. However I wanted to test out the offline learning capabilities of articulate storyline and tin can api, so I used the above publish settings. When the story launches, it launches the same way as when just publishing for online viewing on iPad_app, and I am not presented with a button to download the course. 

Is anyone else having this problem? Attached is a simple story file that exemplifies the issue. 



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Kumar Agarwal


I am able to click a launch link from safari on ipad. It detects its an ipad and send them to the articulate app. my tincan endpoint is able to track the the learners progress.

However now I republish the course to allow the user to download and view the item while offline. There should be a link on the ipad app to download the course for offline viewing, but that link is absent. 

My guess is that since I am publishing for tincan api, articulate does not want to allow offline viewing of the course.

I would be interested in sharing links or files in a nonpublic way.  


Edit: I realized I did not post my dummy story file that replicates the problem. You will have to have a tincan friendly system. 

David Dye

I'm having the same issue.

I've attached my .story file, a screenshot of my publishing settings, and a screenshot from the iOS Articulate Player.

Here is a public link to the published package on SCORM Cloud: https://cloud.scorm.com/sc/InvitationConfirmEmail?publicInvitationId=f2389570-8d10-4c46-8181-62bb3e6246de

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