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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Bud - looks like Luke has popped in to assist you here, but I wanted to share our documentation in case you found it helpful as well.

Button sets let you create interactions where the learner is able to select only one object at a time from a group of objects. When a learner selects one object from the set, the others automatically become deselected. See this tutorial to learn more about button sets in Articulate Storyline.

Cathy DeBurro

Greetings All.

I have a weird 'thing' occurring.  I created radio buttons on a slide - in the middle of a lesson to ask the student a question... 4 radio buttons.  A button set has been created for this.  The question intentionally pauses the timeline until the question is answered and then resumes explaining the answer.

if I hover over one radio button, all of the radio button hover states highlight (see 'all radio buttons highlight') and if I click a radio button, but accidentally click inside the hover area but not the actual radio button circle, they all become selected!!  (see 'all radio buttons selected') I can't figure out how to fix this....and it affects the lesson, because it stops the timeline until a selection has been made.  When all radio buttons light up - it can't resume and it gets stuck and can't resume.  Any ideas?

Cathy DeBurro


Yes. I created a button set. I'm sure it is something really simple and I over thought it somehow.  I've tried to do this two different ways. 1st way is on the main layer and it appears at certain points in the time line.... I created a trigger that pauses the time line when the question appears and set to resume the time line when the user presses any of the 4 radio buttons. 

When they press any of the radio buttons, I've also created triggers to hide all of those objects associated with the question so as to be able to resume the lesson. 

I also tried it as a layer, showing the layer at that point in the time line (and pausing the timeline on the base)... With the radio button triggers set to hide layer and resume base action upon selection. 

Same thing happens. When you hover over 1 radio button, they all 'light up' and if you click in 1 of the hover areas, all radio buttons get selected. 

There is no grading involved in these questions, they are simply to keep the user engaged in the dialog. Regardless of the button they choose, the answer is explained when the time line resumes. 

Is it because I am not using it as a graded or freeform question? Any thoughts?  Thanks! 

Cathy DeBurro


I used Grouping solely to physically group all of the objects in the drop down question window - so that it was easier to transport and reuse in other slides.  Saved me from having to recreate the triggers and logic every time...but I had no idea that a physical grouping could affect triggers within the group.  Thank you so much!  

I think I will keep it as a layer - which will make it easy to transfer to other slides and won't require me to group them.  

Thank you so much for your quick response!  I appreciate it more than you know!