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Apr 30, 2013

I would like to put video on one layer and sound on second layer but seekbar doesn't work - seeking works only on one layer. How can I have seeking on two layers? I want to have synchronization audio and video

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konrad k...

Christine thank You for reply,

I would like to put video and audio to this video in 2 languages. And i would like to give a user possiblity to chose language before starting watching video. Video is on mail layer. And audio files with languages I would like to put on two layers. During watching video I show only one layer with choosen language. So it couldn't be on the same layer two sounds files.

I do not pause timeline by any layers.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Konrad,

Thanks for the clarification :)

How about placing both audio files on the main layer, then? You could trigger the different language audio to play when the user selects the language they prefer. You could also trigger the video to start with that button, so that they play together. 

Or, for full control over the timeline and seeking, you could create two separate videos (even though the learner won't know they're separate), one with each audio language as narration. This way you could trigger a layer to show one of the videos and you'd have full control over seeking of that video, along with the audio. 

If this sounds like something that would work for you, here's how you could set it up:

  • Insert a placeholder image for the video on your slide (you could either create a custom image, or simply a screenshot/clip of the video). 
  • Create a screen recording of the video using the audio for the language you'd like to use. You can do this by playing the video, record it using the screen recorder feature and by playing the audio file in the background. Just be sure that you have your microphone disabled (if you have one attached) and have your "speakers" enabled, so the audio is recorded. 
  • Insert the video as a single video - this will insert into a new slide or scene, but you can copy/cut and paste the video into a layer of your video slide. 
  • Trigger the video layers from the main slide and enable seeking on the layers. 

Would that work for your project?


konrad k...

Christine thank You for second reply.

Main reason why I want to split video and audio is that audio is easer for preparation. So I would like to have a completed video and only add audio files to Storyline. Audio files are easier for preparation.

My main problem is that I'm working in international corporation, and one project must be done in even in 7 languages. So I;m looking the way how can I optymalize localization process - if I have to prepare 7 videos - it is too expensive - one video and 7 audios - this is best solution but how it can be implemented in storyline....

Many of our projects will be a video projects.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Konrad,

If that's the case, and you're working with so many different versions of the audio, maybe it would be best to not allow seeking with the video and audio. You won't be able to control both timelines (the main layer and the new layer for the audio).

You're using the same video for each language, just different audio files, correct? How about simply having the videos on the layers with the audio? Have them both play with the timeline and allow seeking. That way, they'll play in sync and the user will be able to seek through both the audio and the video. That would actually be much easier and faster to set up and you won't have to worry about combining the videos and the audio. 

konrad k...

Yes, I would like tu use a one video and many diffrent audio files. So You suggest to have a seven layers on each of them you have the same video and diffrend audio? Yes?

But how it can works? When stroyline is playing one layer are the other layers streaming in the same time? Because when Storyline content will start streaming 7 videos and 7 audios on the same time it will clog bandwidth.

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