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Jan 06, 2014

I have five modules that need to be taken in order .  The assessment can only be taken if all the modules have been completed. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I currently have used states and  variables to display a check mark when a module is completed.

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Michael Hinze

I couldn't find the source for the published example anymore. So I adapted another example file I had done a while ago, see attached. It  follows the same idea; as one section is completed, the menu button for the next one is 'enabled'. In this example, a completion layer is displayed when all five sections have been completed. You can adapt this layer to jump to an assessment instead.

Robbin Hessa


I have followed your instructions, however, I can still randomly select any menu button without going in order.  The thing I noticed is that almost all the code is listed under button triggers and not slide triggers.  Is that the problem?  How can I change it.  Moving up and down is very limited within the type of trigger. Help.

Michael Hinze

Hi Robbin,

actually, in my example, most of 'the magic' happens in slide triggers on the menu slide. These triggers are used to enable the next menu button as you complete each section. Also, make sure that the initial state of your menu button EXCEPT the one for module 1, is set to disabled. If you can, I suggest you post your file (or a portion of it) here, so that we can have a closer look.

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