Allowing a user to retake only a certain set of questions?


I'm attempting to see how Storyline would handle one of our full courses - course content, exam (split into chapters if longer), and evaluation. We currently house our exams and evaluations in separate files.

So here's what I'm trying to do:

I will start with Chapter 1 and insert the course content over several slides, then I have the exam questions corresponding to the chapter (usually 5 - 7 questions per chapter). The user will take the exam, then see a Results slide immediately after for only that chapter's set of questions. From there they can review their answers or continue to the next chapter. At the end of the course I will have a separate Results slide that will grade all questions and report to our LMS.

Now, my issue is that I want to allow users to retake a specific set of chapter questions. The only option I'm seeing is "Restart Course" and that refreshes the entire file. If a user is on Chapter 5 and they want to retry the Chapter 5 quiz I would like Storyline to only clear that specific question set, not the four previous chapters too. Is this possible? I don't know if there's something I could do involving linking the "Restart Course" option to the specific Results slide.



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Jesse B

A couple of tips w/ the file I sent over...

1. Separate the quiz sections into their own scenes.

2. The results slide has buttons to bring you back to each corresponding quiz section.

3. The quiz slides must be set to "When revisiting: Reset to initial state" so that they can have another try at the questions.

4. Set up variables for each quiz section on the results slide, changing from true to false when the timeline begins.

5. Have the final slide in each quiz section link to both the next section and back to the results slide depending on whether the variable has been changed or not.

Melanie M

Well, it looks like I probably won't be able to use your method, Jesse. Because you need to set each question slide to "When revisiting: Reset to initial state" customers would not be able to skip around and check or change their answers. This is really important to management and customers. I suppose there wouldn't be a way to get around this. I've tried some messier attempts to get SL to treat each separate question set as a mini-quiz, but nothing has worked.

If anyone has managed to create a similar, working set-up, please post it here!

Melanie M

Hi Ashley,

I already have the file in a Submit All At Once format. I have all of SL's built in player buttons unchecked and I've made my own Back and Next buttons. The issue is that I want customers to be able to retake, say, questions 16-20 only, without SL disturbing any other questions they may have answered in the course.

I came across a tutorial from Jeanette Brooks on how to allow users to only retake questions they answered incorrectly. It may be an option for us. If customers can't retake a specific section of an exam, then at least they'd only have to retake the questions they got wrong. It's not ideal, and I'm still trying to tweak some of the functionality, but it could work.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melanie,

The link you shared here is a great way to retake the incorrectly answered questions, and in regards to retaking all your questions you may also want to take a look at making a final menu slide where the user could choose to go back to a particular question with a jump to slide trigger for each question listed. If you've enabled them to submit all at once, you should be able to change it when revisiting.