Allowing advancement after certain time

I've searched all over but cannot find any option to let the student advance to the next slide only after a certain time. I don't want to completely limit them from being able to skip forward, but want them to have to spend some time on a slide to make sure they are taking in the information. Thanks for any help

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Joe Deegan

Hi Steven,

Do they need to be able to jump ahead and skip slides? You could consider making it "Restricted" so that they cannot skip ahead then set some kind of a subtle animation for the duration that you want them to stay on the slide for.  For example if you want them to stay on the slide for 15 seconds you can set an animation for a duration of 15 seconds then they won't be able to continue until that animation is done as long as the presentation is "Restricted." Haven't tested to confirm this works but may be an option.

Phil Mayor

If you are using the built in next/previous buttons, I would add a rectangle off with a and adjust the timeline so the rectangle starts when you want them to be able to progress, then add a trigger to that rectangle, to change state of that rectangle to visited (you could use any state) when timeline starts of this rectangle.  Then on your next trigger add a condition if the rectangle is equal to visited