Allowing Learners to Re-Try Quiz Questions When Incorrect

I thought it would be as easy as going back to the previous slide/question when a learner answers incorrectly, for example a multiple choice question, but I cannot get it to work.  Can anyone help me with this one.  Here are a couple of questions form my quiz.  Our Quality manager would like to have them retake the question immediately in lieu of starting over at this point.  I suppose I could convince him to make the learners do it over after the results, but I would like to know if this is possible either way.  Thank you.

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Lynn Hubbard

Have you tried changing your "attempts" from 1 to 2?

In design view, on the Question Tools Design tab, Look for the scoring section, where it says Attempts, change that from 1 to 2. That should give you a try again option on the incorrect feedback layer. The learner clicks that and is able to take the question again.